Club Meetings

Club Meeting – 10th May – out in force

Another great evening, 23 people turned up. Actually more adults for once which is very rare! (well, 11 under 16 and 12 of adult age :P…)

Some new People and some we have not seen for a few weeks, which is nice! And this is while missing a few regulars, so one day most people will turn up at once and we’ll barely manage to have enough space with 2 halls.

Tons of games were played, some usual ones and some new stuff (we have had a few birthdays in the last couple of weeks, and games seem to have been a very popular gift)
– Azul stained glass
– Lords of Waterdeep
– Sagrada
– Sushi Go Party
– Barenpark
– Forbidden Island
– Inuit: The Snow Folks
– Quadropolis
– Quacks of Quedlinburgh
– Potion Explosion
– Jaipur
– Convert 
– Dobble
– Sutaku

Looking forward to next time!

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