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Painting Class and Gaming!

By popular demand **drum roll** Saturday 7th May, we will be doing a special event with painting classes. This event is mainly targeted at children and adults who have never painted a miniature before (or those who have tried alone and found it too daunting)

Full details are still being sorted, but we can provide the following details:

  • It will be FREE for members (that will include all the materials and minis). As part of membership, this is one of the benefit.
  • It will be FREE for children. After all, this is what we are all about. But children MUST be accompanied by an adult as per club rule.
  • None Member adults will be asked for a donation to help cover the cost of the equipment and rent (like for any for any club meeting) *exceptions will be granted for charities and groups providing rest byte care, please contact us ahead of time
  • Thanks to our sponsors (currently Figure Forge and DMB Games), we will have Miniatures to paint (they will be pre-assembled and primed as required so all we need it to “put some paints on!”)

IMPORTANT: please go to the facebook group or contact us so we know for numbers and have enough of everything.

GAMING! We will also be playing board-games.

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