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Gigamic “Micons” review by Jenny

Micons is a multiplayer game where the object is to get rid of your cards first. The beauty of this game that it doesn’t rely on counting or reading, it simply uses pictures of every day objects. This means that even the younger players can join in. My two year old twins were immediately attracted to the beautiful yet clear artwork on the cards and insisted on joining in with me and my four year old, much to her annoyance!

In this game you don’t need to hold the cards in your hand for privacy which again makes it ideal for younger players with small hands, allowing them to lay them on the table in front of them.

To discard your cards you need to match one of your cards to the characteristic card in the middle. These cards include such characteristics such as ‘smelly’ ‘noisy’ and ‘spiky’. On your turn, if you have a card that matches that characteristic it can go facedown in the middle of the pile. This gives the next player a new characteristic to match to their cards. My four year old could recognise most of the everyday items on the cards, and the items she didn’t recognise was a great talking point. Of course the novelty card of the dog poop is the one that everyone wants at that age! When my daughter was playing with a friend of similar age, there were many arguments of who got the poop card!

Micons is a fun quick game to play with children if all ages due to its accessibility and ability to start conversations. I can’t wait to add Micons to our Christmas list for the family game night!

Micons is published by Gigamic and distributed by Hachette Board Games UK MSRP £10. Available is many local game stores (do support your local game shop!)

Review by “Jenny”, Mum and Member of Juniper Green Board-Gamers.