Club Meetings

Club Meeting – 26th April – After the Easter Break

We took a break for Easter as too many of our members were away or busy during the Easter Holidays.

15 people turned up, we lost to Avengers: Endgames (yes, some told us they did not want to hear spoilers so they went on the 1st day – Damn you Thanos!).

But, 15 members is still plenty enough people to play with, and we had a lot of fun:
– Formula D
– Camel Cup
– Taluva 
– Dobble
– Takenoko
– King of Tokyo
– and a few others I forgot!

May is approaching, and with that the schools summer fair and Tabletop Day on 1st of June. We will be busy

Finally, The kids of the club will be producing some reviews of games they like, so watch out for those!

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