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Club Meeting – 16th August – When the Summer ends…

Well, the summer break has ended and we were back to our regular bi-weekly club meetings. For comparisons, last year, on 14th August, we had 14 people turning up on our first meet of the year, and we were pleased to have 14 people.

This time around, we had 29… TWENTY NINE!!!... and we were missing 4-5 regulars who were still holidaying somewhere… Of course I forgot to take photos (and the club photo policy is hands and games only, so it would not have convey the feel of it anyway). The room was full, 11 or 12 kids from 6 to 15yo, and about 50/50 gender split, it was a club meet to remember.

A 11-12yo young lady joined in the D&D group, Annette being a wonderful DM always manages to accommodate and adapt. We had visitors from Ukraine on a 3 months stay in Edinburgh who found us online and came to play… We had 2 new families and one of our members brought her son for the first time and he had a ball, leaving with a smile that will be engraved in his memories for years to come.

On the days that followed, we even had comments on Facebook group, with one saying “I think we need more Junipers around the city that support the thousands of kids in the city who want to game”.

Happy does not even cover it…

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