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Juniper Green Boardgaming Club Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Background Information

The club will be using Halls 2 and 3 on Friday nights from 6-9pm.

We have read the congregation risk assessment detailing the mitigations already in place to support activities in the halls and will ensure that members are aware of and comply with the over-arching mitigations put in place in that document.

The nature of board gaming as an activity and taking into account the wishes of club members we have augmented these with some additional COVID-19 measures.

General Conditions

  • All members (including children) will wear a face mask throughout their time in the club, with the exception of those who are exempt for medical reasons.
  • Numbers will be limited to 20 (Hall 2) and 8 (Hall 3)
  • Attendance will be physically recorded and by a QR code from
  • Adult members may only attend if they are double-vaccinated
  • 16-17y children may only attend if they are single-vaccinated
  • Members will be advised not to attend if they are exhibiting COVID symptoms.
  • We will ask members to take an LFD test before attending a session.


  • Main door handles used will be wiped down.
  • Tables will be set out in the halls to comply with room size limits and seats positioned so that players are at 1m distance from each other (Exception for family/bubble groups).
  • Tables and chairs will be wiped down before use.
  • Members will check in (as above) and have their names recorded.
  • Members will be reminded of the rules of attendance.


  • Before playing a new game, all members will sanitise and/or wash their hands.
  • No food or drinks are to be shared outside family/bubble groups.
  • We will advise groups to set up for the evening and maintain groups to minimise mingling between people as much as is practicable
  • Owners of games will be advised that they may want to quarantine their games for 72h following the session.
  • Children will need to remain seated as much as possible during sessions.


  • Tables and chairs will be wiped down following use and put away.
  • Main door handles used will be wiped down.

As governmental and Church advice develops and following sessions we will review these rules to ensure that they remain appropriate and will amend them as necessary.

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