Busy Times

Since club restarted after our Summer break we have been BUSY… and I mean REALLY busy!

Tabletop Scotland was a massive hit! Jennifer and Eric did their “Tabletop with Children” Seminar and it was a hit

We ran Board Game Demos at the Midlothian Science Festival, and even as it was fairly last minute, we ended up with 6 gaming tables and a whole lot of people coming to enjoy STEM games with us. And we are looking forward to do even more next year!

The Club is continuing to grow in the most healthiest way imaginable: more children, more parents, a great gender and ethnic mix, and everybody mixing and playing with one another. We have broken the 30 people barrier and are now looking to the next level…

We are going to have a crazy “Xmas Party” on the 23rd of August… a whole day of gaming inviting game designers, publishers and friends from all over Scotland…

Now we are planning Xmas fairs at our local schools and we are having to send volunteers to multiple locations on the same day! WOW!!!!

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