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Club Meeting – 7th December – Saving Luxantis Castle!

This week it was quiet, only 11 people turned up, the weather was horrible, and we were thwarted by events all over the place…

Still, we had received the new game “Luxantis” by Haba, and we had a great go at it… and we also had a go at a bunch of other Haba Games: Camel Race, Monza, Animal upon Animal…


So the game is VERY fun! it is coop: you need to remember where the blue firefly are (safe passage) so you can end our turn on a magic item, or risk being sent back to the beginning if you get caught by the red ghosts

You all work together to defeat the monsters trying to attack the castle. You can make the game harder by using monsters harder to defeat… and there is a dice that can mix it all up again making the blue firefly change position…

First game was played by Eric (grown up), Matthew (10yo) and Jamie (7yo). Sadly the 3 adventurers lost (bah humbug!), but it was great to see Matthew and Jamie pondering and talking about where the red ghosts were and where it was safe. Sadly, the monsters had a few too many lucky rounds of advancing…

Matthew (10) and Jamie (7)planing their defense strategy in Luxantis!

Second game and Ian (grown up) joined the gang. The monsters were made a little harder (mostly Lvl2 monsters, couple lvl1 and 1 lvl3), and this time the adventurers were ready and they had a plan! and the Castle of Luxantis was saved!

Pros: nice mechanism with the lights and easy to scale difficulty. Really promote discussion and coop with the kids. Rules are clear and simple as per Haba’s usual.

Cons: Monster cards not usual Haba quality (bit light) – strongly recommend sleeves! The board could have been made re-movable so it can be double faced so you can get more map variety

Overall the kids (Matthew and Jamie) really enjoyed it! Matthew said it was one of his new favourite game and Jamie could not wait to play again. And it was fun for the grown ups too. 

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