Subatomic by GeniusGames – First Impression

This week we received our copy of Subatomic by John J. Coveyou and published by Genius Games. Being a total Nerd as well as a Geek, I am was very excited by this one! (and I love all the Genius Games games for that reason).

Subatomic is a light deck-building game about building elements from subatomic particles! As per other Genius Games (like the excellent Cytosis), it has a fantastic and credible science theme (it even comes with a booklet containing all the details about the science behind the game, and the impressive list of scientist who peer-reviewed it!)

Subatomic, Collector’s Edition

First impressions are often important with a new board-game, and I must say I was not disapointed! the box is small but solid, embossed with very shiny metallic design… very nice! 

Once opened, the small box is tightly packed with TONS of stuff for the game, so this is not a box of air or one that could contain the next 25 years worth of expansions, no, this is tight and full, just like Cytosis was! and it comes with plenty spare wee bags for the tokens and the rest!

box is well packed, no wasted space here.

Everything in there is top quality. The tokens are thick and the die-cut very well done and they pop out without any bit shredding, the glass bids for the boards have a nice weight. Cards are good and standard sizes, so sleeving them will not require hunting down the right size sleeves (happen too often for my liking). Only the payer boards could have been a little thicker in my opinion.

My colour blind colleague at work (also my personal guinea-pig for all matter of visual design) had no issues reading 

Clean and clear booklet & rule-book

The rule-book and science booklet are clear, nice big font, easy to read. My own personal preference would be to see a Dyslexia font (but this is 100% personal as rule-books in general are a pain for me to read as I am dyslexic) – OpenDyslexic font is open source… just in case some designers fancy using it for their next rulebook…

So overall, VERY pleased with the whole visual and quality of the game, really good stuff, now I just need to get a good grasp of the rules before the next club’s meeting so we can have a go at it. I might see if my 10yo twins fancy a go, but they want a go at Stuffed Fables first… 

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