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Club Meeting – 28th Sept.

We had 17 people tonight, good number again. Load of games played by visibly sleepy people (week seem to have been hard on everybody): 
Puerto Rico, Santorini, The Heroes of Kaskaria, Secret Code 13+4, Multiplied Fortunes, Karuba, Spookies…

Glad to see more members making use of the Library and borrowing games! saves me from carrying them all!

Some of the kids (Lucas and his friend Max) are keen to play some wargames! So we’ll try and organise some games for them: Gaslands (mad-max style car mayhem), Open Combat (generic medieval/fantasy skirmish) or Frostgrave (wizards skirmish) for a start as they are a little simpler than 40K. If some have experience, feel free to jump in and do a demo for the wee lads.

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