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Tabletop Scotland

So we are going to have a LOT of news coming up, but I need to sort some admin first for Friday evening and also send many emails to many of the amazing people we met at Tabletop Scotland!

First, we have a Twitter account!: JGBoardGamers @BoardJg !! So you play a game, and want to tweet about it, then tag us please!

Also if the game you play is one of our friends (and it is a growing list!), then tag them too! Show the world we are awesome, we are having fun and we are happy to share it

The club has its first library game thanks to Tom @Rewell Games. He shares our ideas of games for all and playing with kids.

And Andy Allen from HexAgony offered us a copy if his game. Fantastic and super simple. Very good for children with Autism, so we will have a go at that!

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